Services & Rates 

What sort of writing projects will I do? 


I've enjoyed creating just about anything that falls into the categories of online written content, branded content, or social content. This includes:

Blog Posts

My most popular service, this usually involves 300 - 1250 word written pieces based on your outline (or my own.) Proper web formatting, SEO practices, links, research, interviews, and more will be provided at your request. 

White Papers

Whether you need short freebies for your customer mailing list or intensive, multi-page reports, we can share what your business has to offer in professionally-composed, compelling, and action-worthy briefs that are never boring.

Social Media Updates

Need more going on in your Twitter feed? Lost about Facebook? I'm happy to write up "calls to action" for all your social properties -- with a focus on the best practices for each platform.

Branded Journalism

I've created sponsored articles for today's top daily newspapers. Let your brand partners have the full experience of a well-researched, professional piece for you publication. By hiring me as a freelancer for your branded pieces, you can keep a wall of professional separation between "paid" and "unpaid", while reserving staff reporters for what they do best: unbiased news.


You won't see my name on everything I do. In fact, my favorite pieces take on your voice and personality. (I just provide the words.) My ghostwritten work has been featured in business journals and professional newsletters across many industries. I also do a limited number of ghostwritten non-fiction book manuscripts per year. This is the perfect option for a busy influencer or professional who want to traditionally or self-publish but has no time to write! (Spots fill up quickly!)

This is just a sampling of the most common types of content I currently provide clients in dozens of industries. Let's discuss your next project to see if we're a fit!

Rates are quoted PER PROJECT. I do not offer "per word" or "per hour" rates at this time. Most of my written content contracts include some form of social media or promotional support, and these are created specifically for each client. I regret that I am unable to provide a per-word range.