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Linsey Knerl


AI freelance writer Linsey Knerl

I'm a content writer, author, & speaker based in Nebraska. I specialize in B2B Tech, including the latest in AI and ML solutions.

Since 2006, I've been creating compelling, educational, and inspiring stories for web and print. My digital marketing experience ensures content is relevant and audience-ready.


What matters to my clients (and their customers) matters to me. I write for targeted audiences with even the most nuanced communication needs. 

Your voice + my words = messages that resonate



Blog Writing

My most popular service, this usually involves 300 - 1250 word written pieces based on your outline (or my own.) Proper web formatting, SEO practices, links, research, interviews, and more will be provided at your request. My most common requests are for content in the AL and ML technology space. 

White Papers

Branded Journalism

Whether you need short freebies for your customer mailing list or intensive, multi-page reports, we can share what your business has to offer in professionally-composed, compelling, and action-worthy briefs that are never boring.

I've created sponsored articles for today's top daily newspapers. Let your brand partners have the full experience of a well-researched, professional piece for your publication. By hiring me as a freelancer for your branded pieces, you can keep a wall of professional separation between "paid" and "unpaid," while reserving staff reporters for what they do best: unbiased news.

Case Studies

Do your clients love you? Let's tell the world through carefully-crafted case studies that highlight your unique offerings. I'll handle strategy, interviews, and editing or work from your existing transcripts. 

Don't see what you need here? Just ask! I have 16+ years in digital and print work. From ghostwriting thought leadership pieces to pulling out snippets for social, I can work with you to see your vision through.


I've worked with

GoDaddy fintech writing
 Hertz travel writing
FLEXISPOT health writing
Walmart mom writing
Rev business writing
Dropps laundry writing
HP business tech writing
trivago magazine travel writing
Intergated_Merchandising_Solutions IMS


Evan Bloom,
CEO, Fortress Strategic Communications 

“Linsey Knerl has been a trusted content generation partner for a number of years and is highly recommended. Her content capabilities extend from the SME sector right up to enterprise-level companies. She has written across a great deal of vertical markets in the B2B and B2C domains for my clients including general business, enterprise risk management, healthcare, and more. She is the consummate professional, client-centric, a great collaborator, and delivers media-ready content.”

Cecily Whiteside,
SEO Managing Editor, HP Tech Takes

“As the managing editor of HP Tech Takes, I worked closely with Linsey on many articles. Her work is consistently well researched, clearly written, concise, and engaging. Linsey's writing style is educational and informative, explaining sometimes complex technical issues in a way that readers can easily understand. I highly recommend Linsey for any tech industry writing assignments.”

Abbie Kopf,
Sr. Brand Content Strategist, Gannett/USA Today


“I've used Linsey as a writer for multiple branded content projects for a wide variety of clients. Linsey is an editor's dream for two reasons: One, she's responsive, flexible, on-time and proactive; two, she writes clean, original copy that always meets (and very often exceeds) the clients' expectations. Linsey is the kind of writer who can take something off your to-do list and knock it out of the ballpark. Whether you want better content or simply less stress and worry for yourself, she's an ideal choice.”

Doria Lavagnino,
Co-Founder & President, Centsai

“I have had the pleasure of working with Linsey on at least a dozen articles or guides. With the proliferation of the blogosphere there are so many people who call themselves financial writers and reporters, but once you scratch beneath the surface they lack experience. Linsey pitches smart original ideas, takes pride and pleasure in going the extra mile, actually does original research and reporting and is open to any edits we have made per our house style. I strongly recommend her as someone who will go above and beyond. An extremely hard worker. ”

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960 County Road 43, Tekamah, NE 68061

​Tel: 402-206-8406

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